Wednesday, 12 August 2009

That's better!! :o)

Now it's just the photography that's awful! lol.. But then, the light is going and - well - there's just no pleasing some people!! ;o) But I feel tons better having removed the button and the journalling spot. I managed to prize them off without damaging the card. I had to risk it, as I couldn't ask someone to pay for a card I wasn't happy with. Now I am.
(If you missed the previous post and you're wondering what I'm whittering on about, scroll down to see the 'before' pictures! Ohh, the shame!)


  1. Hahaaahhh i think i scrol i about 20 times.This one is better.I think the circle on the left is now i tag,and it loos nicer to me.Great card by the way.
    bye bye,Lean[and if you change it again i will see the card back hihhiii].

  2. Hi Chris

    I love this version.

    Can't say why - I just do!!

    Love Jules xx

  3. I just think anything you do is `beautiful Both card are soo `darling` ....
    Whoever recieves them will love them too;)xxx
    Hope your well Chris and having a great week:)xxx

  4. gorgeous card chris and yes this one is definitely better.....hugs kath xxxxxx

  5. this is gorgeous Chris love all the flowers

  6. Hi chris

    Yes this onedoes it for me. You were right to alter it. It's lovely.

    I'm making samples for Stampin' u! at the moment, then I'll get going with workshops. You're on my list of invitees. We need to catch up with each other soon anyway.

    Hope the job's going well.

    Take care,

    Hugs debbie xx

  7. I did like the first version but agree that it looks slightly better now. I would have been delighted to receive either one myself though.

    I love the way you add the dainty fine threads tied into bows.

    Lesley Xx


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