Tuesday, 4 August 2009

My sheepdogs (for Lean)...

We-ell.. not my sheepdogs, exactly, but they're family, and I love them all the same, and see them often.. Two of them (Abby & Ben) belong to my sister, and the other (Emma) is my mum's, but she and I have an understanding and have deep, meaningful conversations when I see her every Saturday. Me and Emma, that is.. not mum. Although we do, too. Ohh, you KNOW what I mean!!

Emma (above)... Ben (below).. Not pure sheepdog, as you can tell.. Touch of Heinz 57 here..
Now get ready for the 'ahhhh' quotient... This is Abby at 49 days old...

Another one of Em (below)...

Anyone else got border collies? (Or any other kind of dog!) Show us yer pics! Leave a link here to your blog so people can find you. I'll think up some kind of little prize and draw from the links offered in a week... 6.00pm on 11th August.


  1. OOOO lovely pictures ans yes i am a dog lover to and Abby sweeeeeeet.And i know abour the MOM thing the dutch people said ...baasje en vrouwtje.Baasje is Ron vrouwtje that's me..hahaha.
    bye bye,Lean lots of licks from Misty[for the doggies to].

  2. Hi ,i have a award for you on blog.
    bye bye,Lean

  3. how adorable, must get some up to date piccies of mine on- it's Misty's 5th birthday today- time flies can;t believe she's 5 already


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