Friday, 31 July 2009

You are formally invited...

Got your posh frock? Got your heels, bling and a bit o' lippy wouldn't go amiss... Time for the red carpet.. Toot-ter-de-root-ter-der-root!!! (That was trumpets, in case you wondered...)

Big thanks to Leanne for this award. Bless her.. she's just moved to Saudi, and is waiting for her stash to catch up with her. Poor love. Please do pay her a visit and give her something to do! ;o)

The challenge is to pass it on to five people who inspire me. The challenge is narrowing it down to five!! There are so many awesomely talented crafting bloggers .....(I wish they'd invent a more elegant word... blog is far too close to 'bog', if you ask me... tsk!)..... who inspire me on a daily basis, that I hardly know where to begin.

But I will.

In a minute.

You'll see.

Riiiiggghhhttt... Well, I'm going to start by eliminating the ladies I very recently passed an award on to. It would seem fairer to choose some names I haven't chosen since I took my blog-oliday a few months back. Stop jabbering, woman, and geronwithit!! OK, ok..

One of my all-time favourite card-designers is my ex-DT-mate from the Funky Hand team.. KATH. I just love her fresh style, but I wish she wouldn't blog so much, 'cause I can't keep up!! If you have been living under a rock in some desolate and lonely corner of blogland, I suppose there is the outside chance that you may not have come across this lady yet, and her faithful (and very handsome) sidekick, the Budster. In which case, hitail it over there now, and settle in for a long browse. Well worth it, believe me!

I am also going to choose ANICE, the founder and designer behind Funky Hand, because she inspires me enormously, not only for her unique sense of style, but for her business acumen and drive, in spite of dealing with personal health issues. Such a strong, clever woman.

The next lady I am going to choose is OLGA, because her cards are always beautifully designed, and we share a love of the English language. Even though Olga is Russian. Oh, and we both fancy her husband.

Next is EMMA. Her cards are very different from the norm.. and I love 'em. Plus she's the only fellow British crafting blogging lady I know who shares my love of BASEBALL!! (Go, Sox/Cubs/Cards/Giants/Dodgers/Indians... take your pick! lol ;o) The woman has taste, what can I say.

Aaaand finally, AMY SHEFFER, because of her faith, and her willingness to share with others, and - let's face it - her cards are exquisite.

Ladies, that is my line up for some Craftling love today. Please accept my accolade and don't feel any obligation to take it any further. It is just an expression of my bloggy heroine worship, but if you'd like to pass the love on, you are supposed to choose five bloggers who inspire you.

Thanks again, Leanne. I am honoured. :o)



  1. Hello Christine,

    So glad you came out of the closet so to speak and how wonderful it is finally to me you (virtually that is). I can't believe you are a baseball fan too. I know what you mean, I could live wihtout my ESPN America.

    We have 3 different supporters in our house, we have me St louis, my hubbie Milwaukee and my sone Cincinatti ( he is 5 though and I think it's because red is his favourite colour).

    Thank you so much for your award, I am truly very touched and now that you have spoken I expect to hear from you often. Please stop by and say hi soon.

    Your work is so elegant and creative, I am flattered that you call by my place every day :D

    Have a great weekend.

    Take care,

    Emma x

  2. Thank you so much for the award, Chris! I'm so honored!!

  3. Thank you very much Chris, it's an honour!
    Olga x

  4. Chrs I am honoured to recieve your award. I had to smile when you mentioned my business acumen..looking around my office at this moment you certaining couldn't admire my business tidyness !!
    Big hugs to you
    Anice xx


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