Tuesday, 21 July 2009

** Long Post Alert ** Long Post Alert**

Sue Daly from across t'other side of 'the Pond' was kind enough to bestow upon me my first award since I started blogging again a little while ago.

They were difficult to keep up with before, and I have to admit I couldn't keep up and took the easy option of inviting visiting bloggers to snaffle the awards if they fancied them, but y'know what? I feel a little extra frisson of excitement that someone has been generous enough to recognise my blog. It has reminded me what it is all about. So.. THANK YOU, Sue!! I will give this the attention it deserves! :o)

I have visited Sue's blog, which is new in Blogland in its current iteration, but already has some lovely designs on it. I greatly look forward to seeing more. To check Sue's work for yourself, have a little clickee HERE.

The conditions of this award are:

I must thank the person who gave me the award, list their blog and link to it... CHECK
I must list ten (10) honest things about myself... CHECK
I must put a copy of The Honest Scrap Logo on my blog... CHECK
I must select at least seven (7) other worthy bloggers & list their links... CHECK
I must notify the bloggers of the award... CHECK

10 Honest Things About Me ……. Boy, this is going to be tough!

1. I was born in Germany, but I am British, und speche nür ein Bißchen Deutsch! Nicht genug, und ich möchte gern mehr kennen lernen. (I hope that is correct hoch Deutsch! If there are any fluent German-speakers reading this, please leave me a critique!)

2. I have no degree (yet). I am in my fifties now, but would still love to pursue my love of the English language, and gain some credibility when I say, "THAT needs an apostrophe," lol! (Do you get the feeling I'm an art and languages gal? Yep.. can't add two and two, but I can conjugate with the best of 'em!! Hehe!)
Why haven't I done it yet? Well, in my defence, it was nowhere near such a big thing here as it was in the US, especially when I left school, and I thought all I wanted was to be a SAHM, so why bother? When I did start a career, it took off by itself anyway, and I was very successful without the qualifications, but would still love to fill that gap one day.

3. These are in no particular order, by the way, as this one should come first, by rights... I am a Christian. On the ladder of Christians, I must be at the bottom, as I mess up all the time, and am more human than Holy Spirit, but thank goodness for Jesus, because I couldn't make it without Him anyway! I have been a Christian for 17 years, but still very much a work in progress!! A 'practicing' Christian, you might say! lol ~ But contrary to 'the world' who expect such high things from Christians ~ my view is that a Christian is not defined by their behaviour, but by their belief.

4. I wish that everyone would be fair and honest. (I stole that directly from Sue, but it was such a good one, I adopted it for my list, too!)

5. I used to be quite sporty, and hope one day to lose enough weight to be able to get back out on the water/ice rink/tennis court!

6. I am VERY happily single! I went through a sudden switch when I went through a brief and sudden menopause brought on early by chemotherapy in 2002. Prior to that, I was desperately yearning for a fella for years! But for some reason.. can only assume it was a drop in hormones.. that desire went away, and what a relief! Men are lovely, but I couldn't eat a whole one. At least, not any more. Nope, my cat gives me all the affection I need nowadays. (Or am I kidding myself? What do you think, girls?) ;o)

7. Thanks to my dad's career, and my trekking as an adult, I have been blessed to travel quite widely, but my favourite place in the world is across a border, but right here in the UK... the Isle of Mull. The scenery is stunning, and it is still relatively unspoilt, which is lovely, and it has a very special atmosphere. If I ever win the lottery, that's where I would want to see out my days. "My heart is in the highlands, my heart is not here... My heart is in the highlands, a-chasing the deer" - Robert Burns

8. Running out of things to tell you... hmmm... *thinks*.. Love crafting.. (y'think? lol!).. Would love to make a business out of it full-time, but have tried and never been able to make it profitable enough to pay the mortgage! Ach, well. (sigh)

9. I get impatient with people who seem to be constantly whining and negative. I know! I shouldn't get impatient, but I do.. what can I tell ya?! One of the rough edges I am working on! lol ;o) Everybody complains once in a while, but you know those people who are just permanently pessimistic? Actually, it's people who annoy me that I pray for the most, so maybe there's a reason for it! lol

10. I have way too much craft stuff. Another one stolen from Sue. Ditto, girlfriend!!

I would like to pass this award on to:

1. Allison
2. Ruth
3. Brenda
4. Debbie
5. Sarita
6. Terrie B
7. Katie

Phew! Flippin' 'eck! That was quite a marathon! Hope you lasted through!
And if you did.. Thank you for your interest! :o)



  1. Oh thank you!! I'll have to give it some thought!! But will be back to let you know what I've thought of!!

  2. how sweet of you- glad you are getting a bit of crafting time now and I agree you are way better with the cat , beats a man anyday!

  3. That was fun to read about you :) Thanks for thinking of me, friend!


  4. Hi Chris

    Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your name and comments on Brenda's (Floral Inspirations) blog .. .. .. could this be the Craftling I used to visit night after night all that time ago???

    Yes it is!!! Woo hoo!!!

    How wonderful that you are back up and running, creating and blogging.

    I haven't had chance to read through all of your posts (yet) but I am so happy that I am going to be seeing creations from you again.

    I hope all is well with you. Take care.

    Love Jules xx

  5. What a wonderful post Chris! I really enjoyed reading your confessions =) And yes, I know exactly what you mean about correct use of English... (well, any language, really, but I don't speak that many) I start shaking when I see "Childrens' toys" written in huge letters over a shop entrance or receive an official NHS leaflet that reads "Looking for a NHS dentist?"
    I know I make mistakes, too, and my English is nowhere near perfect, but it's quite annoying when native speakers don't use their brain while spelling.
    Sorry if this sounds mean or snobbish.
    Have a wonderful day sweetheart. You're amazing!
    Olga x

  6. Hi Chris..Well It`s great to see you blogging..Your creations are `truly` Beautiful...
    `Thankyou` so much for thinking of me!!!I am touched!!!
    I will put it on on my Blog...with `pride`....
    `Thankyou` so much again...
    Great to read about you!!!
    I look forward to sharing lots more of your beautiful creations!!:)
    Have a lovely Day :)xxx

  7. Hi Chris

    Time for me to get my act together and visit all the lovely people who have been so kind with lovely comments the last week and stuck by me when I've been such a bad blogger. Thank you Chris, really do appreciate your support. What a shame the rest of the world arent like crafters.

    And so pleased to see you have an award, well done and so kind to pass it on to me as well.

    Also see Jules 'knows' you, she's another of my blogging buddies and clearly she is so excitived you are 'up and running' again.

    B x

  8. Hello again- the coin embellies you asked about I am sorry I'm not too sure where they came from but think it was somewhere strange like a woolllen mill shop but I bought them years ago and just stumbled upon them while having a clear out- sorry i can't be of much more help but if I remeber I will let you know

  9. Thank you so much Chris for thinking of me and well done for receiving it yourself, I will get my thinking cap on!
    I can't believe you won those Stempelglede grunge stamps-how lucky were you??!
    Love Sarita xx


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