Thursday, 4 September 2008


Am I having a mega week, or what??? ;o)

Today, a new challenge blog announced its presence to the world. I wish there was some way of getting that bloke who does the voice for 'This is the Chicken Legend' ad for Macdonalds to do a voiceover for this announcement... 'Fraid you'll have to use your imagination... Ready?

This is not just any challenge. This is....

The hope is to post the first challenge this Saturday. For more info, go HERE.

Now, you may have guessed my toot. To my utter amazement, Martine (who has started this blog) has accepted me onto her DT! I am chuffed to bits! I wasn't going to take on any more DT work now that I am starting a new job soon, but ~ well, I mean ~ it's BASIC GREY!! How could I resist? ;o)

It actually dovetails very well with my Sassy Crafts DT involvement, as I can purchase my Basic Grey items from Emma!! :o) Great synergy. Hehe!

I do hope you will check out the new blog, and join in with the challenges. It won't be the same without you! :o)

Chris xx


  1. Ummm your lucky alright Chris....BG is my bestest bestest most favourite in the world, but I couldn't apply because I am bound by contract {although I am very happy with the DT I am in already LOL} I hope to get permission to be a GDT soon.
    I am so chuffed for you, and can't wait for these challenges to begin. I really do need to actually use my BG stash and not just collect it. I haven't been able to cut into any of it yet and I have been collecting for 4 yrs now since I started crafting Opps LOL

  2. well done to you- quick get your lotto ticket on

  3. WOW you're gonna be one busy chick, get it chick , chicken advert.okay!! It is a bit late at night,but pleased for you , yet again. xx Doreen

  4. Wow! You ARE having a great week!! This is so exciting...I am very happy for you, Chris!


  5. BG challenge blog, an excuse to buy some more especially the new ones. Congrats on your DT place,

  6. Glad to have you on the team hun, i look forward to seeing your creation for the first challenge :)

  7. Hello DT buddy ! I bet you are as excited as I am ! Looking forward to working with you and becoming friends.


    Jo x

  8. OOOhh - well done!!!!! Are you sure you will find time to go to work??!!

  9. Congratulations Chris, you'll be as busy as me with all these jobs.

    Love Debbie xx

  10. congrats on the DT my friend ...look forward to seeing lots of your fab creations with one of my fave...the one and only BG.

  11. Well Done
    Great opportunity and you will have a great time and so will we looking at all your creations!!



  12. Eeeeeeeek!!
    Forgot to post about your candy - have done it now - too carried away about the WV thing!!


  13. Well done you!!!!
    Ooooh, Im so proud of you... ;)


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