Thursday, 18 September 2008

Sweet Award

Today has also started well.. The sun is shining brightly and my first comment to moderate in my inbox was from mega-talented Funky Hand team-mate, friend and all-round lovely lady, Kath, telling me to visit her blog... where this award was waiting for me. Doesn't it live up to its name? Very sweet!
(I can't imagine that any of you don't know Kath, but ~ just in case ~ I would get across to her blog without delay, because you are missing out BIG TIME if you haven't been over there yet!)
This award was designed by Diana Evans who said

"I have a special award for all the sweet blogs I visit...
I am giving this award to all the wonderful people that I visit almost every day....they have inspired me and shared their wonderful lives with all of us.... I only ask that you nominate some of the wonderful people you visit each and every day...."
Then my thoughts strayed to, "Who on earth do I choose to pass it on to? I have around 200 blogs on my Google Reader and they all inspire me for different reasons.. How do I narrow it down?" Well, I have, but please don't think that if you're not on this list that you don't inspire me!! Goodness, this is HARD!
Anyway, here are my choices to be Cupcake Queen for the day:


  1. Thank you so much! *biggest hug ever*
    That is so sweet of you, and I`m so honored!And of course I`m sending one of these right back to you!

    And now I have to browse through your blog, and get inspired!!


  2. You so totally deserve it and more. Congratulations to you and the newbies!

  3. Isn't the Blog Hopper Widget new too? Its adorable.

  4. Aww, Chris, YOU are the sweetest :) Thanks for thinking of me! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  5. Hi honey, thank you so much for my lovely award which I am only now picking up and you know why...

    Thanks darling.
    Hugs & kisses
    Lorraine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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