Monday, 29 September 2008

Another quickie.. Internet down..

Hi, chaps.. Another quickie from work... My internet service is down at home. Have been spending AGES over the last few days arguing with BT!! Have NEVER received such appalling service from any provider of any service!! FINally found someone yesterday to acknowledge it's their fault, but it will be Thursday evening, at least, before I am back on-line at home. Grrrr!!

Missing you all like MAD!!!



  1. Missing you too :( but without this sounding odd, I am so pleased that it's your internet thats down and and not you. I have been worried

  2. Hello Chris
    Sorry to hear about your internet problems, I know what a nightmare BT are, and I agree the service is terrible. It took them a month to sort out my internet and replace the cables outside! Now they are working on my neighbours line and im constantly having trouble using the internet when they have the road up!!! I hope you get it sorted out soon as missing all your wonderful cards. Hang in there, big hugs Linda x.

  3. We're not sulking really....! LOL!
    Hope you're ok babe. Catch up with you soon. Hugs Em.x

  4. Have been thinking of you!
    Hope the car sale went well!
    Hugs Suze x

  5. Missing you. Can't wait till your up and running again

    Take Care

    Love Debbie xx

  6. Hi Chris, miss you too. Just post when all is well,lady.

  7. BTW, I have so been where you are. I am switching my service soon. I wonder how smooth that will go. LOLOLOL

  8. BT - Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!
    I changed no longer have anything to do with them!

    Hope all ends well!


  9. arrrgh i hate when that happens, virgin media mucked me around the very first day i got my internet turned on, they canceled my account for some unknown reason, but it took allot of running back and forward with them to figure out this had been done, first of all they said that i didn't pay my first bill, umm well i have only just got it turned on and there was no bill, in the end it took about 2 weeks to get this all sorted out as neither of the people i was taking to had a clue what was going on, one person was saying it was one thing and then the next person said it was something else arghhh, and to make matters worse i dont have a home phone so i had to use my mobile which was costing me a fortune, and they only compensated me with £5, well i suppose it was better than nothing, but honestly i was soo close to telling them to stuff their internet, thankfully now its sorted and working fine, but if i ever get this trouble from then again then i am sorry but they will be losing a customer, phew that was good to get off my chest, sorry for the rant, i really hope you get your internet sorted soon darlin



  10. Grrrr to BT!!!
    Will keep my fingers crossed that you get a super yum engineer visiting you... ;)

  11. Hope you get it sorted. We had a problem too with BT which took months to sort and lots and lots of visits that never happened but being told that the engineer had visited when they hadn't. It was a mess.

    Good luck.

  12. Hi sweetie, now I'm back in blogland & you've disappeared !!!!
    Hope you're back soon & love what you've been making during my time away....

    Big hugs & kisses
    Lorraine xxxxx

  13. Hi Chris,
    Missed you and your lovely cards ! Thought you were busy with your new job. Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your internet. My sister had terrible trouble with BT when they moved house (around the corner) they had trouble for weeks and it turned out BT had been supplying and repairing the internet at their old house for weeks even though they had taken their phone number with them and had repeatedly told them they had moved.
    My friend also had trouble with BT.
    Good luck hope it is fixed soon. I can't wait to see all the cards you must be making instead of blog hopping!
    Take care

  14. Oh hun i do hope you are back on line soon ,the blog world is missing your fabulous work xxxx
    takecare Dawnxxx


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