Saturday, 24 May 2008

For blog's sake...

Teehee!! Well, this IS for blog's sake... Just some chat for the sake of it! lol ;o)

I have been going through the Trimcraft forum's challenges, and the first (unofficial) one was 'A Hint of Pink'. "Right," I thought. "OK."

And I waited for inspiration, but Mojo didn't speak to me.

That was until I noticed how beautiful my rose bush is looking in the garden, and full of creamy-white blooms, with a hint of pink in the centre!! Bang!! Inspiration by the bucketload!! Just haven't had chance to take any pics yet... Either the bush was moving too much in the breeze, or the light wasn't good enough, and today it was raining!! Aaarrgghh!!!

Well, watch this space!! lol ;o)

Trimcraft... hmmmm. Not sure about the forum. Lots of lovely, lovely people, but you could spend all day on there, and I can't spend that much time. I don't like the navigation, either. It's a pain in the bum! There are other things I'm not keen on, as well, but - well - I can vote with my feet, I guess.

I think something is going to have to give, anyway, and I think it's the forums. Except, maybe, for the challenges. That's my favourite bit, and I'd like to start getting involved with some of the challenges I've found through blog-hopping.

OK.. I'm rambling now... Have a great weekend everyone, and I'll catch up with you at some point of it, I expect. :o)

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