Monday, 14 April 2008

Ohhh My.......

... What have I done? Oh well. Everybody else is doing it!! In for a penny...

Is everyone terrified the first time they set up a blog? Or is it just me? lol ;-)

Well, world.. here I am! Welcome to my Cosy Corner. Pull up an armchair, and make yourself comfortable.

OK.. What was the catalyst that made me start a blog, finally? I have been honoured to be chosen to design for Funky Hand, and their design team appear to be mostly keen bloggers. And if you can't beat 'em... ! ;-) Now I don't yet know how to add links behind words and turn them blue so you can click on them and get wafted magically through cyber space to their web-site/blog, or I would do that with the words Funky Hand. Sooo.. in the meantime... go here >>

Anice is the lovely, talented lady behind Funky Hand, and I have her to blame.. err.. THANK... for this! ;-)

So.. that's the start. This is just the beginning. Stick around and watch the fireworks...! :-/

Craftling xx


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of Blogging! You're going to love it!!
    I'll get a banner emailed over to you and try to give you reasonable instructions to put it up. Oh and I'll link you on my blog!
    Anice xx

  2. Hi
    Well done before you know it you'll be blogging like the rest of us - it's great fun and even more addictive than card making.


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